What Can The Haley Law Firm Do for Your Business?

What Can The Haley Law Firm Do for Your Business?

We offer civil litigation services in the Greenville, SC and Roanoke, VA areas

When it comes to your business, you do everything you can to keep it safe. The Haley Law Firm, LLC understands how much your business means to you. We can help you protect it from legal harm through our civil litigation services. We have over 24 years of experience practicing business law in the Greenville, SC, Roanoke, VA, & surrounding areas. Whether you need to officially form your business or settle property disputes, you can count on our law firm to help your business thrive.

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Should you hire a civil litigation attorney?

Civil litigation refers to legal disputes that don’t involve criminal matters. A variety of legalities fall into this category, including property and monetary disputes. You might need a civil litigation attorney if you’re:

  • Considering filing a lawsuit
  • Forming or dissolving a business
  • Creating business contracts

To get help from a reputable civil litigation attorney in Greenville, SC or Roanoke, VA, contact The Haley Law Firm today. You can schedule a consultation with us at your convenience.